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Learn how Epic Games, creator of Unreal Engine and online phenomenon Fortnite, is transforming cinematic workflows – from previs to final render – through virtual production.

Luke Buckmaster, film critic, chats with three of the creative minds behind this ground-breaking collaboration, as they share insights into how gaming technology is changing the face of live-action filmmaking, and the potential for the technology to bring new dimensions to storytelling and visual effects.

Connie Kennedy

Connie Kennedy has worked in film and TV for 25 years. She has consistently been on the forefront of emerging technologi

Shawn Dunn

Shawn Dunn has been involved in the 3D industry for 27 years. During that time he spent 5 years at Alias|Wavefront on th

Matt Madden

Matt Madden is the Director of Virtual Production at Epic Games, his main area of focus includes leading the growth and

Luke Buckmaster